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Oh yesh.

Nononononononono MOMMY!

Sevvy Snape
13 October 1959
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Hello, I am Snape, the potions master. Oh yesh. A few facts about me:

-We hate girls, because pretty girls take pretty boys. Lily Evans...
-We tried to kiss James Potter once in the broom closet, but he slapped us. OwowowowowMyHeart!
-Lucius Malfoy convinced us back in 1st year that Boys are better than girls!
-Albus has a very pretty beard.
-As does Lucius have very pretty hair.
-Voldie and Sevvie Forever!!
-We secretly like it when James Potter calls us Snivellus. Oh yesh, pretty boy!!! MyHeart!
-I don't understand the appeal of boobs.
-If ever there was a man...
-This one time, with a man...
-What's that smell?
-If I invite a man to my birthday party, do you think he'd come?
-A man's gotta have a place to stay.
-I scored an outstandin' 440 on the SAT. COMPOSITE!
-The truth is, Voldie could slit my throat, and with one last gasping breath... I'd apologize for bleedin' on his shirt.
-Everythin that happens in 2 days up there, happens in 1 day down here..
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